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LED Small Poseur Table Hire

The perfect accompaniment to our LED seating range, small LED poseur tables provide a stylish yet practical solution for your guests, offering them a convenient yet attractive space to place their drinks and belongings as they dance the night away.

Why JDB?

Here at JDB Events, we understand that the best solutions to your event requirements are those that are simple yet effective, attractive yet practical - and our range of small LED poseur tables ticks all of those boxes. Made from quality polyethylene materials, you can rest assured that these tables are as sturdy as they are attractive - so guests can confidently rest their drinks down without fear of drips or spills. If the occasional drink is knocked, however, no need to worry; all of our LED furniture is IP65 rated and completely waterproof. This means that they’re also ideal for an outdoor event.

Designed to be incorporated seamlessly into your event’s own colour scheme, the lighting in our LED poseur tables can be set to match the colours of your room - so they enhance the vision that you have for your event, rather than taking away from it. They also have a series of settings that allow you to adjust the style and speed at which the lights blink - from static to fade, strobe to smooth. This means that they can perfectly match the ambience of your event. Need to get your brand out there, no problem as the top of the LED poseur tables are Brandable with logos or personal messages.

All of our LED furniture is available on a dry or wet hire basis, depending on your personal preferences. If you are already using an events company and simply want to hire LED poseur tables from us - or you’d just rather manage the process yourself - our dry hire option would be perfect for you. This allows you to collect the LED furniture from our head offices near Birmingham at your own convenience and simply drop them back off after the event. If, however, you’d rather JDB managed delivery, installation and post-event collection on your behalf, why not opt for our wet hire service, which covers all of this as standard?

Should you opt for our small LED poseur tables, you may wish to take advantage of our wide range of LED seating to complement it. From LED sofas to LED benches, LED bucket seats and more, you’re sure to find the right seating to accompany your visually stunning tables.

Want to hire LED poseur tables from JDB Events? Get in touch today on 0121 667 1444 or use our Contact Us page