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Versatile and robust, truss is the perfect way to make more of your event venue. Designed to create structure for your room and used with a range of techniques - from suspended lighting to hanging decor and draping - it’s a convenient and trusted way to achieve your dream event and bring your vision to life.

Why JDB?

JDB Events have years of experience in event production and event management. Our team of in-house experts cover everything from creative to technical to ensure that your event runs smoothly and delights your guests. This combination of creativity and technical expertise works perfectly when using truss. Our innovative thinking means we’re able to develop ingenious concepts using truss structuring, whilst our technical capabilities ensure that we can build those concepts and bring them to life. 

JDB stock a wide range of quad truss in a range of different sizes. Our most popular sizes booked are 1m, 1.5m and 2m. Baseplates are also available so the truss can be used as a free standing structure to place a moving head lighting fixture on top, which is a great alternative option to bring nightclub style lighting into your venue should they not have the option of rigging into the roof. JDB also stock a range of truss socks for those clients who like to use truss in a decorative aspect of their event without the industrial look.

Whether you’re hosting an awards show, running a corporate event or planning your wedding reception, the versatility of truss means that we can use truss in many different ways to achieve many different outcomes. It’s ideal for lighting and draping in wedding receptions and parties, whilst working just as well for larger-scale productions involving staging. What’s more, truss structuring is completely robust; our in-house technicians will be sure to fit it effectively yet thoroughly, guaranteeing its safety. In addition to this, truss structuring is completely temporary - so there should be no issues with your venue - though please feel free to speak with us about this and we’ll be happy to confirm on your behalf.

Interested in hiring truss equipment to bring your vision to life? Contact JDB Events today on0121 667 1444 or get in touch via our Contact Us page