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Playback & Control

Playback services are a smart way to ensure that video content used during your event is delivered in the most professional way possible. From corporate presentations to promotional videos, don’t invest in producing great video content only to have low quality playback services limit its impact.

Why JDB?

JDB Events has built its five star reputation by providing the best quality services, using the best quality equipment - and our video playback hire services are testament to that. We use the latest technology to ensure that video played during your event is not interrupted or affected and your guests enjoy a quality production.

We even allow for multiple video sources to be compositioned into one, so you can rest assured that - in the unlikely event of experiencing technical difficulties - our backup technology will ensure that your guests are none the wiser and continue to enjoy your video content without interruption.

Whilst our playback equipment is available on a dry hire basis, we recommend taking advantage of our in-house technical expertise and opt for our wet hire service. This includes delivery of your hired playback equipment, expert setup and installation in minimal time, as well as de-rigging and collection after the event. If, however, you would simply like to pick up the technology from our head offices - or have your chosen events company do so on your behalf - and then return after use, our dry hire option may be better suited to your needs.

Interested in video playback services from JDB Events? Contact us today on 0121 667 1444 and a member of our technical team will discuss your requirements and recommend the best possible equipment for your needs. Alternatively, get in touch via our Contact Us page and we will be in touch shortly.